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Snake for sale or Snake on hold

We are ready when you are!

You have found your favorite pet at our online store and are eager to welcome it to your home? Count on us to make it happen: We are ready to answer any questions about your chosen pet and make sure it is available for pickup or shipping at a date of your choice. Just enter the desired date in the “Comment” field when ordering your animal, or contact us by email or phone. 

But even if you are not quite ready yet - be it that you still need to prepare the terrarium for it, or because you are currently short on funds - no problem: We'll reserve the animal for you and care for it until you are ready to receive it.

Here is how to place a snake on hold:

To reserve a particular animal, simply fill out a purchase order through our online shop. This will automatically put your chosen animal on hold for you, for up to three (3) months. Upon completion of your order, you'll receive an email confirming your purchase. 

You are required to let us know, at the time of purchase, if you expect us to hold the animal for you for more than four (4) weeks, with a maximum of three (3) months. 

To lock in your order, a downpayment is required. It's EUR 100,00 if the total purchase amount is less than EUR 500,00. It's 20% of the order amount if the total purchase price exceeds EUR 500,00.

All downpayments are payable within five (5) days of a placed order. If we do not receive your downpayment within that time frame, we can not guarantee that the chosen animal will be available when you are ready to take possession of it.

The remaining balance is due prior to the animal being transferred into your care.

All payments can be made via Direct Deposit, Klarna or in cash.

In the event you need to cancel your order for any reason, or if you do not take possession of your chosen animal within the period of three (3) months after placing your order, we reserve the right not to return your downpayment, to help us cover the costs of food and care for the animal while it was waiting for you.

Payment plans are available:

We accept installment payments for up three (3) months. (Example: The amount of EUR 1.500,00 could be paid in three monthly installment of EUR 500,00 each.) 

Release and Returns:

All animals we sell are guaranteed to come from XCLUSIVE SNAKES, an authorized breeder.  

We warrant that each animal has been feeding on its own at least five (5) times before it is offered for sale.  

While we make every effort and exercise the highest degree of diligence to correctly determine the gender of each animal we sell, we cannot guarantee our assessment to be accurate every time. 

While all animals we offer for sale are in superb condition, with respect to their appearance and health, we cannot vouch for them to be free of any unknown or unrecognizable internal diseases. 

Delivery options: You can pick up your new pet at our Terraristika, have it shipped, or have it handed over to you in person at any location in Hamm (Germany). Let us know your preference when placing your order. For more details, see "Shipping & Pickup". 

With owning an animal comes a great amount of responsibility. If you have never owned a snake before, please make sure you acquire some basic knowledge about Python Regius and create a perfectly adequate habitat for it (such as a terrarium or rack), before bringing one home. 

We do not allow minors to purchase animals from us without the written consent and/or physical presence of their parent(s) or other legal guardian. 

We have a strict policy of not accepting returns of live animals. Once an animal has left our premises, we have no more control over its well-being. Allowing it to return to our premises would potentially put other pets at risk of contracting unwanted diseases, or severely interfere with their ability to breed. Moreover, the health of an animal could be compromised if it was exposed to the stress of repeated travel and resettlement.