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About us

Our passion for this magnificent species is our main drive in managing one of the most varied ball python collections in Europe

I have had this fascination when I was a child yet. For many people this is not imaginable. Nevertheless, I managed to give some of them this fascination in reptiles. For me of course, it is truly a mystery not to like them or not to be impressed by them at least. Especially snakes are my favourite reptile species: Legless and elegant creatures, taken for god by some cultures, presented as evil debaucher in the holy bible and a symbol for pharmaceutical and medical occupations.

Before discovering the vast variety of Phyton regius morphs in 2004, I occupied myself with very different species of reptiles. After my interest projects our native reptiles like sand lizards, blind-worms and grass snakes, I began keeping exotic reptiles including invertebrates

After years of reptile keeping experience and first success breeding the Python regius, I began investing in beautiful pythons from breeders all over the world. The population was steadily growing and I founded XCLUSIVE SNAKES in 2010. This name was chosen because I did not want to fix myself on ballpythons, but have the opportunity breeding other snakes as well. Especially endangered snake species are my personal fondness, not only to take care of them, but also to encourage the conversion of the species by breeding them. 

With the steadily growing population of snakes, I had to look for a suitable commercial real estate to establish a high professional breeding-environment. In 2014 I found an eligible property and in 2015 the move was done successfully. 

If snakes or reptiles in general are completely new for you, just do not hesitate contacting us, we will not bite. Instead, we are very pleased introducing you to this magnificent and exciting hobby.

Marcello Heinrich 



 Marcello & Ricardo Heinrich