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Shipping & Pickup

We try our best to make your purchase as easy as possible. Contact us for any questions! During the order process we offer the following dispatch-possibilities to our customers:

  • World Wide Shipping: We ship world wide. At the bottom you will find a price table providing detailed information about the amount of overnight shipping costs for a few europena countries. The countries listed there are the only ones we generally deliver to. We also do offer world wide shipping by plane on request. Write us an email and we will check prices for your country!

  • Shipping within Germany: When temperatures suit, our animals can be shipped to you by a certified pet shipping company. Within Germany the shipping costs are free above an order value of 270 €. Otherwise the shipping costs are 30 € per shipment in Germany. Within Germany we ship our snakes with GO!, a quite popular and reliable pet shipping company. The animal is shipped during night – similar to the regular express shipping. Usually it will arrive in early morning, mostly between 9 – 10 am the day after we have received your order. Considering to GO!, the parcel should arrive by 12 am at the latest. Possible shipping days are Tuesday until Friday – note that you have to receive the animal at those days.

    Important: We only ship our animals when successfully established a direct contact with you. Only this way we can assure our animals arrive when someone is at home to receive it – either you or a person of your trust when you are absent. Directly after receiving your payment, we make an appointment with you by telephone or e-mail.

  • Pickup: This option is by far our favourite. On the one hand it allows us to be sure the animal is received healthy, on the other hand it can be inspected by you before receipt. You will also be able to visit other interesting or related animals. Seen from the animals point of view, pickup is the safest and most comfortable option.

  • Handover in Hamm: We offer a handover in Hamm. Like with pickup, there are no additional costs when choosing this option.

  • Handover in Houten: We do not attend every Houten show, but feel free to ask for a handover at the Terraria and Snakeday shows in Houten. Maybe we could organize a handover.

  • USA / Canada Export: We export to U.S.A. and Canada several times a year. Free export from Germany to our shipper in Miami and Toronto for hatchling and yearling orders above 1500€. *Domestic shipping not included. Handover at the Toronto show is for free, as well as the pick up at our shipping partner in Miami(US) and Ontario(CAN). Live arrival from Germany to our shipper is guaranteed. *Domestic shipping (nationwide shipping) via Fed Ex Priority overnight or Delta has to be paid individually to our shipping partners. You will get a quote for that, as soon as the animals landed and the shipping partner gets in touch with you.


*** US export is planned in April 2023 ***
*** Canada export is planned in April 2023 ***

Overnight Shipping via GO! Express or Ilonexs
Deutschland (GO! Express) 30€
Österreich (GO! Express) 50€
Belgien nur Brucargo( Ilonexs station) 50€
Polen (GO! Express, not all regions) 150€
Frankreich (France Express, not all regions) 50€

Not all European countries apply for overnight animal shipping. Some EU countries like Czech, Italy or Poland could be delivered to by an animal courier, who visits the Hamm or Houten show and fairs. Please ask for more details.

Export into Switzerland is possible. For more info, please send us an enquiry!